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    work When you register a new domain name it ll initially say No Data This is because well you don t have any visitors yet And you won t make it to Alexa by having a few of your best friends visit your website from time to time either But if you do start getting a decent amount of traffic eventually it ll show up on their traffic rank And the more popular you get the better your rank becomes Facebook Google are currently neck to neck trying to grab the number one spot Read more about Jay L ee Gaining Traction Comments 4092 reads The Coolest Domain Name Submitted by Jay on July 29 2011 1 38pm I m a proud graduate of the Founder Institute a technology startup incubator based in Silicon Valley A few days ago it just dawned on me that the domain name of fellow graduate Jordan Lyall was Getfanfare com although his company name is Fanfare Now of course it would ve been awesome if he could ve registered Fanfare com Unfortunately the current owner of that cool domain name is SanDisk Corporation so chances are not likely that Jordan will own it in the very near future unless he s willing to pay a huge premium to purchase it And Getfanfare com is a fine domain name anyway Much better than The Record Breaking Domain which is currently on sale for a whopping 12 million and a dollar more to be exact But what about Fanfa re The same goes for Matthias Gallica s ShareSquare His domain name is Getsharesquare com So am I the only one thinking he should register Sharesqua re at least as a backup Because these domain names sure look really cool to me Read more about The Coolest Domain Name Comments 22293 reads Website Is Complete Submitted by Jay on July 16 2011 1 12pm Whew What a day After spending a few days tinkering around with WordPress I ve finally completed my website For those that want their own the next few posts will focus on how to create this type of blog personal website with a minimum amount of effort Now of course there are some things that I couldn t figure out as well as bugs that I couldn t fix For example the vertical separator to the right of Blog at the left top menu is bugging the hell out of me right now The problem is these stupid little things are not as easy to fix as you would think I can actually see myself creating an entire blog post just on how I will have eventually fixed the problem For now I ll probably ask around in the WordPress discussion board to see if anyone can help me fix this as well as a myriad of other minor issues Read more about Website Is Complete Comments 3003 reads Welcome To Jay L ee Submitted by Jay on July 1 2011 12 55pm

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