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  • Tondiraba - Estonian Curling Assocation
    Youth Board 5 2 1 Paying with a bank transfer takes place pursuant to an invoice issued by the accounting department cash is paid in advance 5 2 2 To use the services of the Ice Hall individual users are required to present a valid personal identification document with a photo when renting skates pay for free ice free hockey in cash 6 SKATE RENTAL 6 1 The visitor purchases the skate rental ticket from the administrator see the price list 6 2 The visitor leaves his her ID card to the administration for the duration of skating as a guarantee 6 3 Skates must be used carefully i e please untie the laces properly when removing skates to make it easier for the skate to come off 6 4 When walking in skates it must be done on special rubber mats 6 5 It is forbidden to leave the territory of the Ice Hall with the skates 6 6 In the event of losing or damaging the skates the visitor is obligated to compensate the skates according to their acquisition cost 7 USING SKATING RINKS 7 1 By purchasing the ticket season ticket people confirm that they have the physical abilities skills and health status necessary for skating Parents companions are responsible for the health status of children 7 2 Skate counter clockwise in circles 7 3 CD player with a cord for practices may be borrowed from the administrator by the coach teacher instructor or person responsible for the training group who is responsible for returning the CD player and the careful use thereof The equipment is given out against a signature The issued equipment is accepted only by the personnel of the Ice Hall 7 4 Do not disturb or endanger other skaters 7 5 Leave the ice before it is resurfaced Skaters can return to the ice after resurfacing once the ice resurfacer has left the ice 7 6 Notify the Ice Hall s personnel of any accident 8 IT IS FORBIDDEN IN THE SKATING RINK TO 8 1 go on the ice without a ticket 8 2 go in the skating rink without skates 8 3 skate on the free ice in skates intended for speed skating 8 5 damage the Ice Hall s equipment 8 6 throw pieces of ice snowballs gravel etc 8 7 damage the ice intentionally 8 8 sit on and climb over borders 8 9 smoke excl areas designated for it 8 10 play hockey on free ice There are special times for playing hockey Inquire more information from the administrator 8 11 run 8 12 go on the ice during resurfacing 8 13 skate on curling fields 8 14 eat and drink any beverages on ice applies to both skating and curling 8 15 be in places not intended for visitors 8 16 disturb public order fight causing a physical injury theft owning or trading with narcotic or psychotic substances etc 9 USING LOCKERS LOCKER ROOMS AND SAUNA 9

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